Celebrities in hijab, turbans, headwraps, and head scarves. Covered head celebrities.


In my observation, female celebrities rarely wear scarves, turbans, or headwraps as a regular part of their wardrobe. On the occasion they are seen with a covered head, it's my opinion that it is either because a particular fashion is trending or they are promoting a designer or under contract to endorse a look or brand publicly.

Unless they are hijabi celebrities (openly Muslim women who proudly show their faith by explicitly covering some or all of their hair, few famous women intentionally cover as a regular habit.

So when a star does appear wearing a chic turban, luxury silk scarf, or Bohemian headwrap it draws attention. Ironically, the fact that it is a rarity for the celebrity to don a covered head and their fashion-ambassador status, makes it both exotic and envious.

Outside of the casual baseball cap, most celebrity women are not committed to wearing a regular head covering. Veils, hijabs, scarves, or other head coverings don't seem to be an option or desire.

Good thing we have pictures to look back on some of those rare times. Let's take a look at some of the brief occasions when some of our favorite famous females were caught by the paparazzi with a covered head.

Women and head coverings in the 1950s and 60s appear to be a more regularly practiced part of wardrobe decisions that those of modern-day women. In my research for this video, I came across many more images of women of that era (celebrity and non-celebrity) wearing silk scarves and kerchiefs as part of their outfits. 

Driving in luxury cars with the top down would be the most practical reason to wear a protective head cover as well as sunglasses to protect the eyes and hair from wind damage and debris. Glamorous women of wearing scarves and oversized sunglasses while driving or riding in convertibles are the images conjured up in my mind as I think of that vintage time period.


An internet search result revealed a huge amount of current-day pictures of the covered head.   90% of these head covering photos were strictly for fashion- in the forms of silk scarves and various ethnic looking headwraps.*

Whether a blast from the past, or some new trend,  the image results elude to the fact that headscarves may be making a comeback. One particular heading of a search result mentioned 2020 as being the year of headscarves. On quite a few occasions I have seen online adverts for the luxury brand Hermes, which is not something I remember seeing regularly before. Are they jumping on the trend? or pushing it?

Society often looks to celebrity influence on fashion trends. This resurging headwear trend may be an example of that. Just from judging the remainder of the outfits in many of these photos, I can tell that the decision to wear a head-covering is more for fashion and less for modesty. I will be keeping a lookout for an influx of scarf choices in my local retail shops to confirm.
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* (Although I am including all types of head coverings in this blog post, this search result percentage does not include hijab and Muslim-type coverings. That particular keyword search yields a different result.)