Exploring the capped, concealed, and covered head


What Is The Meaning of A Covered Head?

Depending on the culture, the religion, and the times, it is called many things: Veil, bonnet,  headwrap, cover, hijab, etc

COVERED HEAD explores the meanings of the covered head: the many ways it is expressed, challenged, and embraced. 

Covered Head Literature 

Long-standing Traditions

Learn observances of the covered head from ancient to modern times. (links below)

A Resurging Movement

In the 21st century, Christian head covering is making a significant comeback due to concerns over modesty and what many believe to be Biblical obedience. (links below)

Personal Experiences

Documented journals and first hand experiences of women and the covered head. (links below)


video playlist: testimonials and personal experiences

 *I do not claim ownership of these videos unless otherwise stated.

So many ways to cover

So little time 

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Beauty Under The Covered Head 

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What you will find on this site

  • Blog articles on the covered head and head coverings
  • Fashion tips and advice on how to style the covered head
  • Video content on the covered head and head coverings
  • Literature on the covered head and head coverings
  • Community resources on the covered head and head coverings
  • FAQ on the covered head and head coverings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of this site?
A: To talk about women who cover their hair for spiritual reasons and explore the history and tradition behind it. To share the ideals behind head covering for women who may be curious about it.
Q: Do you (the site owner) cover your head?
A: Throughout my life I have covered my head more for convenience and practicality of my jobs, but I have only recently began to intentionally incorporate covering my head/hair as of 2020 for religious or spiritual reasons.
Q: What is the purpose of a covered head?
A: The covered head is a protected head. Practically speaking, a head covering protects the head or hair from the elements and dirty, or damaging environments. For spiritual reasons, many believe the covered head protects from spiritual attack and unwanted attention from other people. The covered head is also a show of submission and respect (to one's husband and to one's God). For vanity reasons, the covered head is a way to keep people from touching your hair or for expressing yourself through fashion.
Q: What do you mean by capped, concealed, and covered?
These are different levels or layers of coverage. Please see this blog article to learn more about the differences.
Q: How many types of head coverings are there?
A: A lot! There is a long list of methods, styles, fashions, and types depending on occasion, culture, religion, marital status, and other factors that will be covered in an upcoming blog.

Blog Topics :

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  • Definitions of the covered head
  • Styles of head coverings by culture, religion, era
  • Shopping options for head coverings
  • Religious expressions, prescriptions for head covering
  • Types of head covering by function
  • Personal testimonies of head covering
  • Head covering in the workplace
  • Head covering history
  • Head covering tutorials
  • Head covering care instructions
  • Special occasions for the covered head
  • Celebrities and head coverings
  • and much more
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